About me

24 y/o, she/her, ger/eng

ffxiv dj and club manager
text me on discord for help
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minecraft, ffxiv, wow, sims 4, cozy indie games

soft rp
catboy simp
fantasia addict
beginner anime watcher

DJ Management

Currently my team consist of 9 DJs.All of them deliver unique music and are loved by patrons and venue owners.You can check their details by clicking on the buttons below!If you are interested in booking them DM me:Syra#5233

We bring the beats!


Favorite Genres:- Different House Genres
- Bigroom
- Drum and Bass
- Hardstyle
- UK Hardcore
- Trance/Psy-Trance
- Hands up/Hard dance
- Dubstep
- J-Core
- Frenchcore
- Uptempo
- Rock/Metal
- Techno


Favorite Genres:- Happy Hardcore
- DnB
- Hardstyle
- Hard Dance
- Hard Trance
- Hardcore
- Rawstyle


Favorite Genres:- Techno
- EDM/House (all subgenres)
- Trance
- Mainstage
- Hardstyle
- Frenchcore
- Uptempo
- Midtempo

Available again starting April!


Favorite Genres:- Techno
- Speed/Future/Bass House
- Early Hardcore
- Hardcore
- Hardstyle
- 80s/90s Dance
- Mash ups
- Psytrance/Trance
- Mainstage/Bigroom
- Afterparty only: There is no BPM limit!


Favorite Genres:- Mash ups
- Slow EDM


Favorite Genres:- DnB/Drumstep
- UK Hardcore
- Hardstyle - up to frenchcore
- Hard Dance
- Dubstep
- Future Bass
- Most house genres


Favorite Genres:- Drum and bass
- Drumstep
- Trap
- Bigroom
- Dubstep
- Hardstyle/Hardcore
- Speedhouse


Favorite Genres:- Bigroom / Future Rave / Mainstage
- Metalstep / Dubstep
- Drum and bass / Drumstep
- Bass/Tech House / other house subgenres
- Trance
- Hardstyle / Happy Hardcore
- Techno
- Metal / Rock
- Synthwave / Darksynth
- 80s/90s/2k/Pop


Favorite Genres:- Chaos - Stands for all the genres I play, combined to create a chaotic set for everyone
- Harmony - Stands for a combination of all genres including melodic vibes
- Electro/Progressive/Bigroom/Future/Speed/Bass House & Future Rave
- HandsUp, Rave & (Hard) Dance
- Hardstyle & Rawstyle, Uptempo & Hardcore
- Trap, Dubstep, Drumstep & Drum'n'Bass
- UK/Happy Hardcore & J-Core
- (Psy)Trance
- Pop Punk & Pop Rock


Friends that help me work on my graphic designs etc!

Aiko is one of my closest friends for more than one year now!
If you need help with Flyers, Logos or Videos, he should be one to pop up in your mind!

LILLIHT BANGBeing by my side for a very long time and standing with me through some weird shit.
She is one of the loveliest beans out there!
Definitely check out her work and give her a follow!


Venues that are managed by me or my DJs!

Light - Zodiark - Lavender Beds - Ward 6 - Plot 36
Fridays - 7PM STMy go to Friday Club for over one year now!
Made hella lot of friends there. Check it out!

Light - Lich - Mist - Ward 20 - Plot 36
Sundays - 12AM STWanna get another hangover?
It's the right spot for you!
Opening on April 1st!

The Croissants
Light - Alpha - Lavender Beds - Ward 7 - Plot 3
Saturday + Sunday once per monthThe Club of the one and only Mash up Queen Shuji coming on 18th March!
Stay tuned to be entertained on highest quality!

Light - Alpha - Goblet - Ward 9 - Plot 43
Every other Sunday - 6PM STOwned by long time friends and partners of mine, this it should be your go to on every other Sunday!

Light - Raiden - Lavender Beds - Ward 10 - Plot 6
Tuesdays + Saturdays - 7PM STAnother long time partner and friend, also managed by one of my DJs!

Phoenix Nights
Light - Phoenix - Mist - Ward 1 - Plot 2
Every other Sunday - 6PM STMy go for casino and club on Sundays for the past 1.5 Years! Giving your nights out a new shimmer with their unique themes and exciting events!